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We have posted Kickstarter projects in this blog before and most of them are able to fund their creative ideas. But there are those who are able to fund their project ten fold and then some, such as the Pebble e-paper smartwatch that has raised over $3.33 million in just four days–over 3300% of its intended $100,000 goal and they still have 31 days to go.

Tech experts claim that this project now holds the Kickstarter record for being the most successful project based on trajectory of its growth, beating the previous record held by Double Fine Adventure video game that has raised $3 million in 60 days.

The Pebble connects with your iPhone or Android smartphone by Bluetooth and enables you to access some of your phone’s apps such as GPS, music player, and even email. Oh and it does tell time, which you can customize depending on the watch app you downloaded.

Funding startups by Kickstarter provides an alternative to the usual shopping for venture capitalists or diluting equities. With so much money at hand, Pebble maker Allerta, Inc. would be able to release the smartwatch with more features or be made available on more platforms than originally planned.

So what should entrepreneurs do to have a successful Kickstarter fund drive? The website’s communications director, Justin Kazmark, offers these tips:

The project should be specific – “Clearly articulate what it is you’re trying to accomplish in a way that inspires people to want to back it.”

The project must provide something tangible to its backers – “Come up with a compelling rewards structure that brings you closer to your audience. Projects that offer behind-the-scenes access are very compelling, and that’s part of the Kickstarter experience.”

The project should expand your network of supporters – “Don’t be afraid to get the word out to your friends and family and networks.”

Do remember that you are asking people to fund a specific project, not your company, and that backers of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter are not investors in the traditional sense.

Source: Forbes



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