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RoboReel Portable Cord Reel

Posted on April 13, 2012

For avid and serious DIY’ers, having a dependable extension cord to attach those power tools to use can be useful to have around the workshop. Not just any ordinary extension cord would do. A workshop usually requires those longer than usual extension cords that stretch up to 50 feet or more in length. This RoboReel Portable Cord Reel would be just the perfect tool to have around in a busy workshop.

The RoboReel Portable Cord Reel is not just any heavy duty extension cord. It has special features that users would find quite convenient around the workshop. It comes with an oil, gas and chemical resistant sphere housing that protects the 50 feet heavy duty 12-gauge electrical extension cord inside. After use, the extension cord can be retracted by just a push of a button. A built in electric motor safely and conveniently retracts the length of the electrical cord in storage.

The RoboReel Portable Cord Reel also comes with other high tech features such as a preventive feature that stops the cord reel from retracting the electrical cord while a power tool is being plugged into it and used. It can also automatically cut off electrical power running through it when a portion is accidentally cut. This useful portable electrical cord reel is available at RoboReel for US$329.

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