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The Arm Versa-Stand for iPad, Other Tabs

Posted on April 3, 2012

The tablet, through the introduction of iPad, has revolutionized how we utilize mobile Internet. However, holding the device with both hands can get tiring. Sure, there are cases that double-duty as stands while watching movies, but you cannot adjust its viewing angle or its height.

A group of Italian designers want to revolutionize how you handle your tablets, but they need your help to put their product on mass production.

The ARM is a versatile stand that can be used for the iPad and Android tablets, which can be of good use to a variety of situations. Stick your tablet to the stand’s magnets and turn it into your desktop PC monitor, a complimentary presentation device, tutorial assistant, among others. It can be placed on your office desk, on the kitchen counter, even on the bed for a comfortable viewing while lying down. It is fully adjustable up to 270 degrees of rotation, so you can keep your tablet on any desired position.

The ARM is made of ultra-high grade aluminum that is laser-cut and CNC machined. It comes with an anodized black matte layer to that touch of style and elegance while adding durability.

As we said earlier, this stand is compatible to any tablet, as long as it is between 7 and 10 inches. It works on devices of any brand with various cases like plastic, polycarbonate, silicon, or rubber.

If you worry about having magnets sticking to your tablets, the group also offers the SHIELD that hides the ARM’s four magnetic heads.

The group, collectively called Davide, is asking the Kickstarter community for funding worth $125,000. So far, they have only collected over $40,000 and they have only 18 days left. You can pledge for as low as $1, but why go that cheap if you can support the guys by “ordering” for a limited-edition version for $165?

Source: Kickstarter



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