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Ciclotte Sleek Stationary Bike

Posted on February 9, 2012

Others would want to remain stylish all the time, even when they try to exercise and keep fit. Aside from wearing stylish clothes, it would also help having stylish equipment to use when keeping fit. If it is style and substance that’s being sought, then this stylish Ciclotte Stationary Bike would do very well.

When people are reminded of stationary bikes like those found in gyms, they usually have a certain design in mind. But looking at the stylish Ciclotte would make them change the way a stationary bike looks like. That is because this Italian designed beauty is unlike any other stationary bike out there.

The Ciclotte Stationary Bike looks and works differently from those conventional stationary bikes. It comes with only a single wheel that makes it look like a unicycle than a stationary bike. It makes use of epicyclic transmission and magnetic resistance in order to create that intensive workout for keeping fit. A single pedal rotation causes the flywheel to rotate 4 times. Six magnets are fixed along the flywheel that generates up to 12 levels of resistance that can be adjusted via a touchscreen display. This unique stationary bike also comes with carbon fiber handlebars, adjustable padded Alcantara saddle and can support riders up to 285 lbs in weight. For the beauty and style that it offers, the Ciclotte does not come cheap. This unique stationary bike costs around US$12,000, making it a fitness equipment worthy only for those with cash to burn.

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Ciclotte Sleek Stationary Bike | Rool Gadget on February 25, 2012 at 12:01 am
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