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It has been very alarming that many drivers remain stubborn as they continue to text or take calls on their smartphones while driving, which puts them–as well as their passengers and pedestrians–at risk of injury by accident. This makes this gadget by Scosche a necessity for drivers who prefer to practice safe driving despite the tempting messages and calls received.

The CellControl is plugged into their vehicle’s OBD-II interface, a port commonly seen in cars manufactured after 1996, and pairs its app on the driver’s smartphone. When the device detects the vehicle in motion, the smartphone is disabled from all activities except its hands-free functions.

The driver can no longer text, make calls, send emails, and play with apps as they drive. Calls can still be received, however, through a Bluetooth headset or the auto’s integrated wireless system. Music libraries also remain accessible. If they attempt to tamper with the module, it automatically reports to a device admin.

The CellControl software works on both Android and BlackBerry handsets, as well as older handsets with Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 OS. Do not expect to be available for iOS since any attempt to control iPhone’s core functionality is generally frowned upon by Apple.

The Scosche CellControl Safe Driving System is now available at its online store for $129.95.

Source: Scosche, via GigaOm



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