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Matias Slim One Keyboard

Posted on January 18, 2012

Peripherals like keyboards will always be useful as an input device, both for the PC as well as those popular portable devices today. With portable devices like the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, having the option to type using a keyboard is always welcome. But it will not always be convenient enough for some, even when it presents a faster way of typing. The new Matias Slim One Keyboard will try to make it more convenient in quite a unique way.

The Matias Slim One Keyboard is a unique keyboard that can both be used for the iPhone and the PC or Mac simultaneously. It is a wired slim keyboard that is designed also to use for PC’s and Mac’s. But as an added feature, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that it can be wirelessly connected with the iPhone or other wireless portable devices. It comes with a dedicated button that users press to switch the keyboard for use with their smartphone for typing. This way, users can easily switch from using the keyboard on the PC or Mac or to the iPhone quite conveniently. This eliminates the use of separate keyboards for both devices. The Matias Slim One Keyboard is currently in production according to its site. It is expected to cost around US$80 when it does become available.

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