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Apple mobile devices have been around for almost 10 years, but its little white charging cable remained the same. It has been a constant companion to every iPod and iPhone user, and losing one could be devastating. With that in mind, a simple device that keeps your Apple charging cable in place is much needed.

The Cord-On-Board is a shock-resistant iPhone/ iPod Touch case that comes with a 9.5-inch charging cable tucked inside. It is made from thermoplastic rubber material that can bear the brunt of accidental falls. And because of the added cable placed inside the case, expect your iDevice to get a bit bulky but that is understandable.

But this device is still in the drawing board, which is why its maker, Caseinity, is asking for $20,000 of funding through Kickstarter. You can contribute to its development for as low as $25, which could get you one of the first batch of cases.

Source: TechCrunch




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