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Car Seat Device Alarms Sleepy Drivers

Posted on January 3, 2012

Here is another interesting car seat device from Japan. Juki has developed the Sleep Buster that can be mounted on a car seat and triggers an alarm when the driver is about to sleep while driving.

Sleep Buster uses a built-in sensor that measures signals from the heart and aorta. The device has a piece of software called “Human Tachometer” that visualizes the conditions of the driver on a controller. Users can check on their level of fatigue or drowsiness, as well as their level of concentration or how distracted they are.

The device measures the driver’s signals every 18 seconds and can warn drivers around 10 minutes before they feel sleepy, which is enough time to park by the side and rest a bit (and prevent possible accidents).

Juki plans to start offering the Sleep Buster in Japan beginning February for about US$2,000. The package includes the sheet, controller, and power module. No word about whether it will be available overseas, but just so you know: Juki is active in the United States.

Source: Asiajin, via TechCrunch



This is a very interesting car seat. I want to install one on my car for my child. I think its really comfortable to sit on this.
Car Upholstery on March 2, 2012 at 2:50 am

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