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Facebook Now Allows Profile Photos as Chat Emoticons

Posted on December 26, 2011

Emoticons have been a staple in chat software, bringing otherwise lifeless text-based messages a bit of life and emotion. For quite some time, Facebook users had to contend with the traditional yellow-faced emoticons for its chat service, until now.

Facebook Chat now allows users to post profile photos of any user, official page, or event as chat emoticon. This brings a whole new complexity in chatting, as well as giving you a reason to think of a statement where you could use images of Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, or anyone else.

To make it work, go to any profile, page, or event that you intend to use as an emoticon. Copy its username or 12-digit profile ID at the end of the URL. Then, place that name or number in double brackets and press Enter. For instance, type [[VinDiesel]] to use Vin Diesel’s image or [[45197362282]] for Homer Simpson’s.

If you do not like the idea of having your profile photo as a chat emoticon, too bad. Profile photos and usernames are considered public property.

This is not the first time Facebook has released customized chat emoticons. Typing the code :putnam: would show the image of Facebook engineer Chris Putnam. Also, 4chan’s Ragefaces can also be used, provided you know the codes.

Here are some of custom emoticons that you can use, as provided by TechCrunch:

To symbolize badass-ness – [[46637413257]] (Chuck Norris)
To display a pirate – [[CaptainJackSparrow]]
To call some dude a “bro” – [[DJPAULYD]]
To show you (or someone else) are drunk – [[123670240998921]] (David Hasselhoff)
Instead of typing “winning” – [[CharlieSheen]]

Source: TechCrunch



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