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Five Gadget Predictions for 2012

Posted on December 23, 2011

The year 2011 is not much of a blast when it comes to technology. We witnessed the retail launch of the first handheld 3D gaming console, a wide array of dual-core smartphones, and the seemingly endless battle between Apple and everyone else. But what can we expect in 2012? A blogger over at Computer Week dishes out his “educated” predictions on 2012 when it comes to technology and gadgetry.

The birth of quad-core – With NVIDIA’s introduction of its Tegra 3, the first quad-core processor for mobile devices, expect an influx of gadgets sporting the high-performing chip or its future numerous rivals. Asus recently introduced the world’s first quad-core tablet, the Transformer Prime. If tech companies continues with this speed of development, the coming year may also pave the way for “octo-core” processors.

A Windows 8-powered tablet – Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS has still to be seen on a commercial device, but its for-developer previews released late this year proved how the software is optimized for touchscreen usage. So it would not be a surprise if the first tablet running on Windows 8 will be launched in 2012, with Dell rumored to be working on such a device.

The iPhone 5 and iPad 3 – Of course, a year in our generation is not complete without Apple dishing out its latest gadgets that are bound to become media (and marketing) darlings. Rumors about the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 continue to swirl, claiming that both devices will come in lighter form factors but with larger displays, improved cameras, and A5 processors.

A smartphone from Amazon – The prominent online retailer has been rumored to be scouting for suppliers for its own smartphone, which is believed to be launched in 2012. A Citi report said the handset may be developed in collaboration with Foxconn, using hardware assembled by TMS. There are also reports about Amazon meeting up with BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, which recently rejected Amazon’s offer to take over the troubled company.

Siri becoming more functional – This voice command assistant program is one of the highlights of iPhone 4S. Expect the Siri to be updated next year and become an expert in various fields. Also, expect Google to take Siri seriously as there are reports that a potential Android-powered rival is in the works.

Source: Computer Weekly



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Five Gadget Predictions for 2012 | hupdate on December 25, 2011 at 4:35 am

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