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Going small is something that many device and gadget makers are striving for. But some devices can only go to such length of getting smaller before it becomes outrageous. It is up to you to judge whether the Deonet USB Stick, considered as the smallest flash drive in the world, to be outrageous or plain genius of an idea.

The Deonet USB Stick is so small that it may even be possible to print a brand on the device. The world’s smallest flash drive only measures 19.5 mm x 14.5 mm and only 2.9 mm thin. The maker may have to provide a tethered tag attached to the drive in order to give it a name. Its tiny size may seem outrageous to some people

It is possible for Deonet to make it this small, thanks to the micro UDP (USB Disk In Package) chip approach. When used on a USB drive, it can be virtually invisible, which can also make it an ideal add-on to laptops or even tablets for extra storage. Some may find it outrageous since such a tiny device can easily be lost. Some may find it useful in that a flash drive can’t get any handier to bring along.

With its tethered tag, it can also be used as a promotional tool say, making this tiny flash drive an interesting company giveaway especially during the coming holidays. According to Deonet, the world’s smallest flash drive will be first introduced in January. And guess what, it is being marketed as a potential promotional gift giveaway to companies in Europe. It is expected to come in 4, 8 and 16GB versions.

Image Source: Deonet




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