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This is bound to happen. Toy maker Hasbro has filed a lawsuit against Asus, alleging that its Transformer Prime tablet is infringing on Hasbro’s “Transformers” trademark.

Hasbro is the maker of the Transformers line of chidren’s action toys, which centered on two warring factions of alien robots that transform into vehicles and whatnot. The franchise has since spawned into comic books, animation series, video games, and films.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles federal court last week. Hasbro states that the complaint is aimed to “aggressively protect its brands and products” and what Asus did is part of the company’s “willingness to pursue companies who misappropriate our intellectual property for their own financial gain.” The toy maker is seeking damages and a temporary injunction to stop Asus from selling its Transformer Prime tablet, which is currently available on retailers.

Asus has yet to publish a comment on this matter, but we think it will go by the line of “Transformer is different from Transformers.” The PC manufacturer may also claim that Hasbro does not make computers and that trademark law applies to the same categories of goods.

“That’s why, for instance, Delta Faucets and Delta Airlines can co-exist,” according to an article in PaidContent.

Source: PaidContent, via TechCrunch



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