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Yo-Yo Mouse

Posted on December 16, 2011

Good design need not be always that immaculate that it prevents that fun element. Even some level of fun added into a certain device constitutes good, if not, unique design. Such traits are seen in the unique Yo-Yo Mouse concept designed by Shih-Chan Chiu.

The Yo-Yo Mouse is a compact round wireless mouse that would be something that travelers would appreciate having. But more than just that, this unique wireless mouse is also a Yo-Yo that one can play with. But this feature comes as a function rather than just making this cool looking wireless mouse as a toy. The Yo-Yo function will be used to recharge the batteries of the wireless mouse. It is quite a cool and unique concept that many people would easily embrace. The Yo-Yo Mouse still remains as a concept and is available for you to check out at Yanko Design.

Image Source: Yanko Design




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