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Top Gadget Trends For 2011

Posted on December 16, 2011

The year 2011 is about to end and we have experienced many recent trends in the gadget front. It’s true that gadgets come and go with markets and consumer perception. That is why there are gadget trends that are recently emerging that may be expecting a promising year ahead. Here are the top gadget trends for 2011 which may likely continue up to the New Year and may not be going anytime soon.

Tablet PC’s

You can say that this year may be considered as the year of the Tablet PC. With the emergence of the Apple iPad, what was once just a niche in the gadget market has suddenly become an established and exciting one. All of a sudden, major gadget makers are clamoring for a share of the market pie by coming out with their own tablet models. And with the demand coming from consumers, this new tablet trend will only continue to grow and expand well into 2012.

Android Devices

The smartphone market has long been the hold of the Apple iPhone in terms of popularity. But that has steadily changed in the recent years. The entry of the Android devices has slowly tilted the balance of market share away from popular Apple iDevices. More and more people are looking into Android devices as a credible and sometimes even a better alternative. The trend of Android devices getting more and more popular will even become more noticeable in 2012 and shows no sign of ever fading away in the near term.

HD Devices

When it comes to visual entertainment, the world is now being viewed in high definition. It seems that devices are going the HD route, from new TV models to camcorders. And it seems that people are no longer interested if a device is not in HD in any way. The shift of this standard trend in video will only further make HD devices more and more popular in the next year.




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