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Click Keypad Watch

Posted on December 15, 2011

Watches are primarily designed to tell time. But it does not hurt wearing a watch that may be cool to look at as well. For those who like retro stuff or simply just want to wear geek-inspired timepieces, the Click Keypad Watch will be a perfect fit.

The Click Keypad Watch does look like something that only a retro-geek would wear. But it is also quite cool on its own right. The watch is designed to look like it was taken from a typical number keypad and fitted with a wrist strap. The numbered button keys have blinking lights that light up to tell the wearer the time by lighting up in a sequence. Press the # button and the watch will tell the date. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as a calculator. The Click Keypad Watch is available at Watchismo for US$90.

Image Source: Watchismo




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