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A lot of companies have provided products and services that would significantly reduce your phone call costs, but Republic Wireless has taken this to the next level. A subsidiary of Bandwidth.com (a company responsible in developing Internet infrastructure of many popular VoIP services), Republic Wireless allows subscribers to receive free international phone calls by using its own country code.

You have heard it right. The company has managed to acquire its own country code that works similarly to the way international phone calls work, but without the fees. Friends and family living abroad who want to call you can simply type in Republic Wireless’ assigned country code (883-5110), followed by your phone number, and that call will be free to both parties. Meanwhile, if you initiate an international call from your phone using WiFi connection, it will also be free of charge wherever you are in the world. (Country-specific fees, if there are any, would still apply.)

Currently in private beta, subscribers of Republic Wireless receive a special Android handset that automatically connects to WiFi networks whenever possible and routes phone calls by VoIP. This method is far less expensive than traditional phone calls through carriers. However, if the phone cannot find any WiFi network to connect with, the device switches into Sprint’s mobile network. Subscribers also pay a far lesser rate at only $19 a month.

There is a catch, however. Calling to Republic Wireless’ country code can only be free if other carriers support it, which is why the company tries to partner up with various carriers. That may not be a problem, however, as carriers acquiring their own country codes has been practiced overseas. So far, Google is in on the ride as it integrates support for the Republic Wireless country code into Gmail’s phone feature.

Source: TechCrunch



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