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YouTube Turns Into Learning Tool with YouTube EDU

Posted on December 13, 2011

After introducing an all-new user interface that does not sit well with a lot of users, YouTube introduces another update, at least a more welcoming one. The YouTube EDU initiative transforms the popular video site into an educational tool, stripping it off to the bare learning essentials.

YouTube EDU filters out the viral videos about children dancing to the likes of Nicki Minaj, talking oranges, or elderly people struggling with the computer. It also eliminates the comments section and related videos. Instead, it leaves out videos that are deemed educational, so teachers would not have a hard time searching for much-needed video materials for her class, while the students do not get distracted about the other stuff as they view the videos.

The project has content from over 600 educational outlets including TED and the Smithsonian, which are then sorted out into more than 300 playlists categorized by subjects and grade levels. Teachers and students can browse for videos from a variety of acedemic topics such as math, social studies, and science among others.

Source: YouTube Blog, via ZDNet



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