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Wearable Drum Machine

Posted on December 13, 2011

Many people carry beats inside their heads all the time. Some would want to play those beats out wherever they are. It would therefore help them if they have this Wearable Drum Machine to go around with. They can create some drum beats wherever they may be and whenever they feel like it.

The Wearable Drum Machine is a special t-shirt equipped with a drum machine designed into the shirt itself. And mind you, it is a working drum machine, able to come up with professional grade drum sounds as well as record drum loops. Users can also build layers of sounds with it. It also comes with a mini-amp that clips into the user’s belt. The t-shirt is fully washable, with the electronics and the drum pads easily removable from the shirt. The Wearable Drum machine is available at ThinkGeek for US$30.

Image Source: ThinkGeek




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