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Macro Cell Lens Band For Smartphones

Posted on December 11, 2011

Macro photography is something that many people might find interesting. It might be good then that even most smartphones nowadays have lens attachments for their cameras to make super close up macro pics possible. But most of the time, the macro lens attachments may be too bulky for use with the phone. The Macro Cell Lens Band provide a more convenient alternative for those wishing to add some macro photography as a feature for their cell phone camera.

The Macro Cell Lens Band is simply a specially made rubber band fitted with a tiny but capable macro lens designed for cell phone cameras. What makes it convenient is that it is tiny enough to bring along and can be fitted to most smartphones today. Consider it as a convenient macro lens attachment designed for any cell phone brand. And it does its job quite well in macro photography for such a simple yet unique lens attachment. The Macro Cell Lens Band may have been such a popular product that it is currently out of stock at Photojojo. But if it does indeed becomes available, it will cost you just US$15 to have.

Image Source: Photojojo



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