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Optrix HD Sport Case For iPhone

Posted on December 9, 2011

Trying to capture action shots usually requires one to have a handy all-weather camcorder small enough to be attached into a helmet or other equipment. But such special camcorders usually cost a lot. You may have a more affordable alternative available if you own an iPhone. You can instead get this unique Optrix HD Sport Case for iPhone to capture and record those action shots without spending too much.

The Optrix HD Sport Case for iPhone is a special casing for the Apple iPhone that can transform it into an action sports camera. This tough casing is built using high quality military grade material that uses ultrasonic welds and silicon gasket to give this casing its rugged, tough and water resistant properties. The casing comes with a base mount and a vibration dampening sled that allows it to easily be attached to a helmet of any other equipment used in the action.

The Optrix HD Sport Case takes advantage of the 1080p HD camera of the current iPhone 4S to give you quality action shots. The casing also comes with a 0.5mm protective membrane over the touchscreen display to allow users to still access the different apps and controls of the iPhone even while inside the casing. The Optrix HD Sport Case for the iPhone is available at the Optrix HD site for US$80.

Image Source: Optrix HD



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