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The Gigantic Behringer iNuke iPad/ iPod Dock

Posted on December 8, 2011

Got a lot of money to waste despite the failing financial crisis? Here’s a suggestion: buy an 8-foot, 700-pound iPhone/ iPad dock for a whopping $30,000. No kidding.

Behringer has announced its iNuke dock, which can blast your music tracks with 10,000 Watts of electricity while making your iPhone or iPad look really tiny. The iNuke is part of Behringer’s Eurosound brand, a high-end range of audio equipment that cashes in on the niche market of expensive headphones with not-so-impressive quality. Good thing for Behringer, though, is that the company banks on its reputation of offering good audio gears and mixers. Only this time, they are testing the waters of consumer electronics.

I could imagine the power the iNuke could bring to your house. Just make sure have your abode soundproofed.

Source: TechCrunch



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