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Scanomat Top Brewer Coffee Maker

Posted on December 6, 2011

Coffee brewing is considered as an art. That is why many coffee lovers tend to enjoy a cup of coffee that is well made. While there are coffee makers that can make such cups of coffee, there are only quite a few that can make it and dispense it in a minimalist fashion like the new Scanomat Top Brewer Coffee Maker.

What may first surprise the onlooker when first seeing the Top Brewer Coffee Maker is how simple it looks. One can only see a unique gooseneck dispenser atop a countertop where the coffee is dispensed. All the other things are hidden away from view underneath, making this unique coffee maker the choice for the ardent minimalist.

But despite this simple outer appearance, the Top Brewer Coffee Maker can dispense a number of different types of coffee brews that one prefers. It can brew around four cups in a minute. It is also self-cleaning so users need not worry about cleaning up the brewer in case they want a different coffee concoction next time.

The hidden brewer can be controlled by an LCD touchscreen display fixed conveniently on the countertop. But even more unique, this coffee brewer can also be controlled using a smartphone or a tablet. And it is not just designed to brew coffee. It can also dispense other types of drinks, hot or cold water or even steam to blanch vegetables. You can check it out at the Scanomat site for now. Pricing for this unique coffee brewer has not yet been provided.

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