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Pelican 1075 HardBack Case For iPad And Netbooks

Posted on December 6, 2011

With your portable devices like tablets and netbooks becoming more and more important to you, you might need to have them well protected. Aside from being some of the portable devices that you often use, they are also worthy investments that you acquire with your own hard earned money and thus need some bit of protection. You might consider having a Pelican 1075 HardBack Case for your Apple iPad or netbook.

The Pelican 1075 HardBack Case offers some added degree of protection for your netbook or any other similar-sized notebook or a tablet like the valuable iPad. The casing is made out of high strength ABS material and is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. It has an easy open securing latch that stays closed when under pressure or even in an accidental impact. It also has a built-in automatic purge valve that keeps the water and dust out of the casing and balances the air pressure inside in the process.

The Pelican 1075 HardBack Case interior comes with a customizable Pick N’ Pluck foam that can be adjusted to fit most devices. The foam provides shock protection but will not scratch the portable device housed inside. The Pelican HardBack Case is available in the i1075 for the iPad, the 1075CC for the netbook aside from the standard Pelican 1075. The main difference is the interior configuration to make the devices fit snugly inside the casing. The Pelican 1075 HardBack Case is available at Amazon and its price starts at US$60.

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