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A China-made Android tablet may not set to become the next big thing in tablets despite its $99 price tag, but there are two things that may pique your interest to the Ainovo Novo7. First, it runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Second is that it is built on MIPS architecture.

Even if your criteria for a good tablet is that it can play Angry Birds or supports Netflix, the Ainovo Novo7 has the potential to become a very reliable tablet even if it designed with the Chinese market in mind. It is no question that its Ice Cream Sandwich OS make this tablet more advanced than your basic Android Gingerbread slates whose updates may take a while to launch. The latest Android OS comes with new features, performance improvements, and the ability to unify the disparate platforms found in previous versions. The 7-inch tablet comes with access to Google services, although Market is restricted in China.

Another feature worth noting in Ainovo Novo7 is its MIPS architecture, which is an alternative to x86 found in our computers and the ARM found in smartphones and tablets. The MIPS was created as part of China’s efforts to avoid reliance on “western-owned technologies.” This is why it is not a surprise why the tablet comes with Ingenic processor, which is developed and manufactured in China.

Although it may be highly unlikely to see the Ainovo Novo7 outside China, you can hope for retail sites to offer the tablet for international buyers.

Source: Computerworld, via TechCrunch



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