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Gibson Plans to Buy DJ Equipment Maker

Posted on December 5, 2011

Music industry leader Gibson is allegedly in talks to acquire Stanton, a major maker of DJ equipment. FutureMusic reports that Gibson plans to pick up Stanton in an effort to spin off its KRK brand professional speakers, which is the latter’s cash cow.

The alleged deal comes after the likes of Native Instruments, Numark, and Behringer have talked with the financially-embattled Stanton with nothing materialized. FutureMusic puts on its tin cap, saying that these previous deals became unsuccessful because other companies only want one of Stanton’s segments and not the whole company.

There is no official word from both parties, but it is interesting for Gibson to veer away from traditional music and move to electronic music, which some consider as an anathema to Gibson’s flagship products.

Source: FutureMusic, via TechCrunch



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