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RumbaTime VanDam Go Watch

Posted on December 2, 2011

People wear watches to basically know the time. But with people getting more technology-savvy, people would want more from a watch than just to tell the time. While there are many wristwatches today that do just that, it helps having such gadgets with much more variety to choose from. Variety is really something that the new RumbaTime VanDam Go Watch offers.

The RumbaTime VanDam Go Watch provides the features of a typical wristwatch- telling the time, date as well as having an alarm. But it also does more than just that. It is actually designed to provide other features such as a Contactless Payment Card and an active Emergency Response Profile.

The RumbaTime VanDam Go Watch provides users to set up a VITA service account for cashless payment by using a secure ID card that can be inserted into the watch. The ID also contains information about your emergency contacts, health condition as well as other related information that can be scanned by emergency first responders in case you get into an accident. The RumbaTime VanDam Go Watch is available at RumbaTime for US$35. It does not include the VITA service straight out, which requires setting up an account and an annual service payment of US$20 to enjoy the contactless payment and secure ID features.

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RumbaTime VanDam Go Watch | Audio Dimension on December 2, 2011 at 5:18 am

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