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Robot Learns To Climb Ladders Before Walking Straight

Posted on December 2, 2011

Speaking of robots, Osaka-based industrial equipment manufacturer Muscle Corporation–in collaboration with other Japanese companies–has developed a humanoid that can climb ladders on its own. Seeing how current humanoids could not even walk straight, this climbing robot is quite an amazing feat.

The “Dream Robo” stands at 1.4 meters high, weighs about 30 kilograms, and goes up and down ladders using its five built-in motors.

According to Hirofumi Tamai, president of Muscle Corporation, the Dream Robo works by a “kind of dialog between the motors.” Each motor responds after each movement. For instance, the robot raises its right hand, then rotates its back, and pulls the hand downward using applicable force.

Dream Robo was first unveiled to the public during the Shanghai Expo last year.

Source: Dig Info, via TechCrunch




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