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Viral Video Features Songs Using iPad Music Apps

Posted on December 1, 2011

We have already seen viral videos about making music using smartphone or tablet apps. The sound may not be as “professional-sounding” as the stuff we hear on the radio (or media players), but the effort brought into producing these songs are impressive nonetheless. Take the case of the latest iPad-made music video.

A video posted online features a song by Jason Derulo that has been remixed using iPad music apps as instruments. The clip has since caught the attention of many and although YouTube counts the video having a mere 6,700 views as of posting, it should be noted that the popular video sharing site does not provide real-time view count.

The cover track used apps such as Animoog, Rebirth, Alchemy, Garage Band, Magic Fiddle, Magic Piano, MadPad, and iSyn Poly. The instruments used vary from acoustic drums to synth bass, from drum pads to vocal tracks. Downloading all those apps would cost you around $100, about the cost of a second-hand guitar or drum set.

You can view the whole video here.

Source: TechCrunch




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