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Microsoft to Release Office App for iPad?

Posted on December 1, 2011

Microsoft may have yet to launch its own tablet, but its software arm has several apps available at the Apple App Store. However, its best-selling product, Office, remains unseen until now.

A report claims that Microsoft is planning to launch an iPad version of Office by 2012. The productivity suite app would be a stripped-down version of its desktop counterpart. While users would not be able to perform heavy-duty spreadsheet or slide work, they can be able to view and create simple edits on the tablet. The app will likely be priced similarly to Apple’s productivity apps, which is about $10.

If the speculation is true, then Microsoft cannot ignore the millions of iPad users that it can tap. Considering that it will be releasing its Windows 8 native tablet, Microsoft may be planning to provide a basic Office app for iPad as a taste of the “real” Office app on the Microsoft tablet.

Source: The Daily, via TechCrunch




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