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It’s never too late to send holiday gifts, especially if it is well-thought-of. Humor your friends and family with these gift boxes with outrageous gadgets. The catch is that these outrageous gadgets are not real.

The idea is that your friends and family open your holiday gifts, only to find out they contain unusual devices. The designs of these boxes look deceptively “as seen on TV” real, with devices such as an iArm forearm mount for tablets, electric pet petter, walkie-talkies shaped like coffee mugs, a fake beard with a secret beer dispenser, an alarm clock and griddle combo, and a motorized rolling pin. They would feel upset or pretend to feel great about your gift, but once they open the box they will realized they have been pranked seeing your actual gifts.

These fake gift boxes are available at prankpack.com.

Source: CNET




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