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Power Balance is through hard times. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal court last week, but it continues on in launching its latest product in the market.

The Power Balance Performance Mouth Gear may look like an ordinary mouth guard, but the company’s marketing people claim it is much more than that. They claim that Performance Mouth Gear combines “innovative technology to properly align the jaw and the spine through optimal positioning of the bit.”

You can believe it if you want, but remember this comes from a company that produces the Power Balance bracelets that have all the lofty health benefits, including a five-fold increase in strength, power, and flexibility. Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission, however, concludes that all these claims are pure BS and even made the company retract its statement about what its bracelets can do.

Still wanting to buy them for $39.99? We are not stopping you, but remember Power Balance lied about its product once. Even though its Performance Mouth Gear is a bit more believable, plus the $40,000 dental warranty, you do not want to end up becoming the laughing stock for supporting a company that scams people, do you?

Source: TechCrunch



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