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A company based in southern Russia introduces a prototype technology that projects images into thin air and use gestures to manipulate them. The Air Touch system, developed by DisplAir, uses a stream of cold fog to display images and an intrared camera to detect gestures. Unlike the Microsoft Kinect that senses body movements, the Air Touch can be controlled just by the hands. The Air Touch has 0.2 second of lag time between gesture and computer reaction, which is slower compared to Kinect’s 0.1 second lag time.

What is more impressive is that this award-winning technology was developed in a humble student dormitory. Founder and CEO of DisplAir Maxim Kamanin believes that the Air Touch has many applications, especially in advertisement and entertainment.

The company is currently searching for potential investors to launch mass production. The retail cost of Air Touch device range between $4,000 and $30,000, depending on the size of the screen.

You can check out the video and get your mind blown.

Source: TechCrunch Europe




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