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CloudFTP WiFi Device

Posted on November 21, 2011

While most devices nowadays are going the wireless route, there may still be other portable devices that do not have that capacity such as USB flash and external drives. Although such drives are quite useful, they don’t usually provide a wireless feature that will make them even better. One other thing is that USB portable drives are not always supported by all devices that you use. A good alternative available to use for such devices is the CloudFTP.

The CloudFTP is a portable device that can create its own WiFi network that can be accessed by any WiFi-enabled device like smartphones. It comes with a USB port where users can attach a USB mass storage drive or even devices such as digital cameras and other USB devices. It then creates its own WiFi network that will allow WiFi enabled devices like tablets, smartphones, or laptops to access the contents of any USB device connected to it wirelessly. This especially makes it quite a useful device to have especially if you have devices that do not offer USB support but has WiFi connectivity.

The CloudFTP is quite portable and comes with its own high capacity battery that can also be used to power up USB external drives. It is small enough to put into your pocket, making it a convenient to give those USB devices some WiFi capability to access their contents. The CloudFTP is currently available at Kickstarter for US$69 until it reaches a funding goal of US$100,000 for production.  After that, it is expected to retail at around US$100.

Image Source: Kickstarter



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