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Zelda Skyward Sword Lands Perfect Score in Famitsu

Posted on November 17, 2011

Famitsu, Japan’s most influential video game magazine, has reviewed “Zelda Skyward Sword,” the latest Zelda game for Nintendo Wii. In a rare event, all four writers have given the game a perfect score of 40/40–the first game to even earn such score this year. This also makes it the third time for a video game from the Zelda series to earn a perfect total score, after “Ocarina of Time” for N64 in 1998 and “Zelda: Wind Waker” on Gamecube in 2003.

Overall, only 16 games have received a perfect score from Famitsu so far. This includes “Soul Calibur” (1999, for Sega Dreamcast); “Nintendogs” (2005, for Nintendo DS); “Final Fantasy XII” (2006, for PlayStation 2); “Bayonetta” (2009, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360); and “Pokemon Black and White” (2010, for Nintendo DS).

Zelda Skyward Sword will be available for United States retail on November 20.

Source: TechCrunch




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