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Somebody Cracks Siri, Theoretically Speaking

Posted on November 15, 2011

Applidium, a development company that centers on creating mobile applications for the iOS and Android, has claimed that it has able to crack open Siri. Their “experiment” has able to use Apple’s voice-powered assistant application on devices outside of the iPhone realm such as laptops and even Android phones.

However, any attempt to communicate with a cracked Siri requires a valid iPhone 4S identification string, which is unique to each 4S. This means that while widespread distribution of Siri without an iPhone 4S is highly impossible, although individuals can crack the Siri using their own iPhones.

Applidium has published a full procedure on how to be able to crack the Siri. It starts by creating a fake data server that Siri mistakes for its own, with the help of cleverly-edited SSL certificates. You can read the whole process through the source link or download these tools Applidium provided for you to recreate what they have done.

Source: Applidium, via TechCrunch



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