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G-Form Rugged iPad Cases Take Skydiving Test

Posted on November 15, 2011

To prove that its rugged iPad cases can really take a beating, G-Form takes its Extreme Edge and Extreme Portfolio to the test. And it’s not just any test, we are talking about stuffing the two cases with iPads and drop them off a plane at 1,300 feet. By the looks of it, the two tablets survived the drop.

The G-Form Extreme Edge protects your iPad or iPad 2 with its trademarked Reactive Protection Technology. It provides protection for your tablet from drops and falls in any situation, even dropping on a flat surface screen first. This rugged case weighs less than six ounces, is also water-resistant, and is finished with military-grade ballistic fabric. The Extreme Edge is available in two styles and costs you $44.95.

Meanwhile, the G-Form Extreme Portfolio provides the same level of protection as the Edge, but it comes with a front screen cover and easel. It also has an internal layer of polycarbonate on one side, as well as an inside pocket to store documents. You need to shell out $89.95 to get your very own Extreme Portfolio.

Source: TechCrunch




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