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The promise of universal remotes is that it can control many AV devices, but with the introduction of new additions to your usual entertainment system the humble remote could not seem to catch up. This is what New York-based start-up Convergence Technologies would like to provide: A “true” universal remote that can also control the cable box, gaming system, and even the digital streamer.

The remote, branded as Bridge, has the potential to make it big in the competitive universal remote market, but the company needs your help to launch it. Convergence Technologies is asking for $50,000 worth of funding through Kickstarter, which will be used to develop necessary software as well as production and distribution of the finished products. The company promises that it will priced the Bridge remote system at under $100.

You can fund the project as low as $10, which would earn you a pin. But if you want to get your own Bridge unit go for at least $65.

Source: TechCrunch




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