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Swivl, The Self-Turning Mobile Phone Holder

Posted on November 14, 2011

If you think that devices and accessories for smartphones are all the same, then think again. There are a selected few that provide something unique that others may have not thought about yet. One such example is this unique Swivl mobile device. Just by looking at it, you may not easily know what it can do.

A hint of what the Swivl can do lies in its name. This unique device does swivel, but with a purpose. If armed with a smartphone, it can be used to swivel and follow the movement of a person that it armed with its wireless homing device. Just imagine running your iPhone or any other smartphone on Facetime and other video calling apps, you can then talk to someone with the phone attached to the Swivl. It follows you wherever you go, capturing you on video even while you do something else.

The Swivl is quite an interesting mobile device to have. There might not be any other device quite like it yet. The Swivl is expected to be available initially in North America in early 2012. It is expected to cost around US$160.

Image Source: Swivl




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