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Getting the action recorded on video has recently become easier for more and more people now that there are now a variety of action cameras available in the market. But in order for such cameras to capture and record first person action shots, they have to be built tough and rugged. Oregon Scientific has recently introduced such a camera with its ATC Mini Waterproof HD Action Camera.

The Oregon Scientific ATC Mini Action Camera is built for extreme sports enthusiasts. It is not just designed to capture HD quality videos and action shots, it is also built to withstand the usual pressures of extreme action and activity. This action camera is built to be waterproof, even able to capture videos up to a 20 meter depth of water.

The ATC Mini HD Action Camera also comes with a 32GB microSD memory slot where the recorded video is stored. It records video in 720p HD quality and has enough juice to record up to 1.5 hours of footage. It also comes with a mini USB and TV out options to make viewing recorded videos easier. The Oregon Scientific ATC Mini HD Action Camera is expected to come out in stores any time now. It is expected to cost around 200 UK Pounds or around US$320.

Image Source: Oregon Scientific



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