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Scosche HRDTX Home Radiation Detector

Posted on November 5, 2011

With the threat of radiation seemingly being made obvious such as what happened to Fukushima in Japan, there might be a need for homes to constantly monitor such threats. Monitoring radiation levels may become more essential nowadays, especially for those who might be living near nuclear power plants where a natural catastrophe can easily change the landscape at any time. In order to keep people well aware of radiation threats in such areas, Scosche has introduced the HRDTX Home Radiation Detector for homes.

The Scosche HRDTX Home Radiation Detector features a photo sensing technology that determines levels of dangerous gamma radiation in a certain area. When placed inside a home, it monitors gamma radiation levels inside the home as well as the surrounding area. When it senses dangerous radiation levels, it emits a 105db beep to alert the homeowner. Another useful feature is that the Scosche HRDTX can also connect to the home’s WiFi network and allows users to receive emails if it detects elevated radiation levels. The Scosche HRDTX Home Radiation Detector is available at Scosche for US$330.

Image Source: Scosche



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