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BRD RedShift SM Electric Motorcycle

Posted on November 4, 2011

What may make other bike enthusiasts still choose conventional gas-powered bike over a newer and eco-friendly electric motorcycle is because the former still lords it over the latter in terms of the power and speed. But as better technology in the electric powered bikes is being developed, we might see e-bikes catching up someday. And it seems that it may already be here with the introduction of the BRD RedShift SM line of electric bikes.

The RedShift SM line of e-bikes from BRD Motorcycles is set to achieve parity with gasoline powered bikes. The new BRD RedShift SM Electric Motorcycle comes with the company’s proprietary water-cooled AC motor that is capable of generating 40HP of power, comparable to that of what a conventional 250cc four-stroke gas-powered motor can generate. The new RedShift SM E-bike also comes with a 5.2kWh battery pack on board, capable of providing power for up to a 50 mile range.

While e-bikes like the BRD RedShift SM has somehow approached power parity with its gas-powered cousin, it may still have a long way to go to become at par in terms of price. The new BRD RedShift SM Electric Motorcycle is expected to cost around US$15,000. But as such bikes become more and more popular in the future and as the technology around them get better, we might see its price point going down eventually.

Image Source: BRD



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