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Adidas miCoach SPEED_CELL Exercise Tracker

Posted on October 26, 2011

Monitoring your exercise routine is essential in keeping your fitness plan on track. As other companies have come up with a range of fitness monitoring devices ranging from pedometers, wristwatches, and even apps, Adidas comes up with the miCoach SPEED_CEEL. This shoe dongle works compatibly with the Adidas miCoach Pacer as it measures your foot’s speed, acceleration, and distance traveled.

Unlike similar devices, the Adidas SPEED+CELL focuses on general sporting instead of just running. It provides insight on your athletic performance and works perfectly with the miCoach virtual coaching service. The device enables you to track up to seven hours of your unique stats such as average speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance, steps, and stride. These stats are saved in SPEED_CELL’s on-board memory, which is then transmitted via WiFi to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or MAC.

The SPEED_CELL can be attached to sports shoes, even those that cater to a particular sport such as soccer, basketball, football, and tennis. It will be available beginning December 1 for $70.

Source: Adidas, via TechCrunch



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