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Changers Solar Charger

Posted on October 25, 2011

Going green is something that one should be proud of. Using renewable energy such as solar power can greatly help reduce the pollution generated by using power from fossil fuel. But one problem is that it can be hard to quantify by the ordinary consumer just how much of an impact the use of solar power can be. The Changers Solar charger aims to change that.

The Changers Solar Charger is not just any ordinary solar charger. It helps eco-friendly consumers determine how much of an impact they are making by using this unique charger. This green gadget features a advanced intelligence system that can accurately that can measure just how much  energy it can capture and store in its built in battery. The Changers contains 2 lithium ion cell modules capable of storing up to 16Wh of power. A separate solar panel can charge the battery for up to 4W per hour, ably charging the battery fully in just 4 hours. The Changers Solar Charger is currently available for pre-order for US$149. It is expected to come out sometime in the middle of November.

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