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With people usually bringing portable mobile gadgets and devices all of the time, it can be come quite a hassle bringing along multiple chargers for them. It would surely be quite convenient to bring only a single charger for most, if not, all of them. It’s a good thing that there’s now a device like the Kensington Absolute Power available.

The Kensington Absolute Power is a laptop, phone and tablet charger. It can simultaneously charge three devices, making it quite a convenient tool to have all the time. It comes with smart power technology that senses and delivers the right amount of power that a laptop needs. Two USB ports provide 2.1 amps of charging current, making it capable of charging tablets and smartphones. The different smart tips are available for many of today’s popular laptop brands. The Kensington Absolute Power is now available at Kensington for US$120.

Image Source: Kensington




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