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Motorola unveils its new pair of Bluetooth headsets called the ELITE Silver and the ELITE Flip, whose features can be deemed novel and unusual at the same time.

For instance, both headsets are fully compatible with any NFC-capable smartphone, which is easily paired with a quick tap. The devices also feature support for Motorola’s My MOTOSpeak app, which allows Android users quick access to messages and apps while mobile.

The ELITE Silver is designed similarly to the Plantronics Voyager Pro, but without the boom mic. It specs include A2DP streaming and dual-mic noise cancellation. According to Motorola, this headset is capable of roaming up to 300 feet, much farther than the usual 30 feet we get from similar devices. Its battery life lasts for just five hours, but it comes with a special case that charges the headset as you store it (pictured).

Meanwhile, the ELITE Flip is a flip-open headset that features the same audio streaming and noise cancellation powers like its cousin, but in a more conventional package. Battery life runs up to six hours of talk time.

The ELITE Silver and ELITE Flip Bluetooth headsets are available beginning October 24, costing $129 and $99 respectively.

Source: Motorola, via TechCrunch



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