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Amber Alert GPS V3

Posted on October 16, 2011

In this time of advanced gadgets and devices, one may think that the world becomes a better place. But that can be far from the truth. It is also a time where most parents have become more concerned about their child’s own safety in a gadget-filled environment where privacy and security can easily be breached. But it may also take new gadgets to keep parents worries at ease in this aspect. There are now devices like the new Amber Alert GPS V3.

With the market for child security devices on the up, there are new such devices that are being introduced to address the need. One of the recent ones introduced is the Amber Alert GPS V3 device designed specially for kids. In partnership with AT&T to provide wireless connectivity, this portable child GPS tracker will help parents keep track of their kid’s whereabouts.

The Amber Alert GPS V3 can provide parents the ability to create “Zones” around their home, their kid’s school or a certain area in the neighborhood. This device can provide parents with timely alerts through email or text whenever their child enters or exits a certain zone. The V3 device also functions in tandem with information from the National Sex Offender database. The device can alert parents if their child is within 500 meters of a registered sex offender’s home. The device also comes with an SOS button that a child can activate whenever a parents immediate help is needed. The Amber Alert GPS V3 is now available for pre-order at the Amber Alert website. Actual pricing info has not yet been provided.

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