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While the second-generation Xbox 360 is immensely popular, there is one common complaint among gamers: They are stuck with the usual 250GB hard drive, while the limited-edition versions of the console come with 320GB of storage space. Boy, are you in for a treat!

Representatives of Xbox 360 have announced a new stand-along 320GB HDD for the console, which is set to be available in November. It is priced at $130, the same spendy cost of the 250GB drive, and thrice the amount of typical hard drives with the same storage space. (All while the 250GB hard drive is now absent from the Xbox website, just when you thought Microsoft would perhaps make it cheaper.)

If you find that too costly, perhaps here is something to sweeten the deal: The HDD comes pre-loaded with Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Too bad for those living in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, and Japan, where the game is banned.

Source: Joystiq, via Engadget




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