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Magico Q1 Speaker

Posted on September 29, 2011

Serious audiophiles are always looking for speakers that provide more than just the usual auditory experience. The sound that comes out of the speakers they use should at least be bale to provide excellent sound reproduction. The sound quality doesn’t always have to be equated with bigger speakers, as shown by the Magico Q1.

The Magico Q1 Speaker may be considered a small-sized speaker. But it is able to provide big sound worthy of an audiophile’s attention. With dimensions measuring 14.2 inches high, 9 inches wide and 14.2 inches deep, the speaker comes also with a 7-inch woofer and a 10-inch tweeter. Despite its size, the Magico Q1 weighs a heavy 60 pounds.

One reason for its weight may be due to its body, which is made up of thick aluminum plates fitted with an interior metal chassis rather than the usual fiberboard and wood veneer body typical of most speakers. What results is a speaker system capable of very deep bass sounds and very fine trebles mixed just the right way and presented just as the sound should be reproduced. Quite an exceptional speaker system, the Magico Q1 may be the speaker of choice only by the most serious and discriminating of audiophiles as it costs US$24,950 for a pair.

Image Source: Magico




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