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iHome NB639 Fitness Headphones

Posted on September 29, 2011

A fitness program becomes more enjoyable when music is integrated into it. Basically, people who listen to their favorite music while doing their exercise regimen seem to be enjoying their physical activities a bit more. And for those who like a better integration of music and fitness, there’s the new iHome NB639 Fitness Headphones.

The iHome NB639 is more than just an ordinary pair of headphones. Aside from delivering detailed and rich audio sound, this pair of fitness headphones also comes with other useful fitness features. This unique headphone also comes with its own heart rate monitor as well as a pedometer and a stop watch. Aside from listening to your favorite tunes, the iHome NB639 can provide voice feedback periodically about the user’s heart rate, calories burned, number of steps taken and other related information. The iHome NB639 Fitness Headphones is available at iHome for US$100.

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