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Panasonic HOSPI-Rimo Robot Brings Video Chat to Patients

Posted on September 28, 2011

Panasonic Japan has announced the development of its HOSPI-Rimo, a “communication assistance robot” that is specifically designed for hospital use. The HOSPI-Rimo (short for Remote Intelligence and Mobility) would enable bedridden patients to communicate with doctors or family members who are living far from her bedside through “virtual visits.” Patients can use the HOSPI-Rimo to talk to other people via HD-quality video chat.

The robot is based on Panasonic’s HOSPI robot line. That robot comes with four laser range finders, 27 ultrasonic sensors, and the ability to change floors in buildings autonomously. The Rimo, meanwhile, can autonomously move to a location near the patient while avoiding obstacles along the way. The robot can also be remote-controlled, which enables it to move safely while recognizing its surroundings.

Panasonic plans to introduce the HOSPI-Rimo robot, along with its other robotic devices, during the 38th International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo this October.

Source: Panasonic, via TechCrunch



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